Nursing Home Neglect

We expect that nursing homes will give our loved ones the treatment they need and deserve. But often, nursing homes are so understaffed that residents are neglected and left in serious danger. Other times staff members are directly abusive.

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Gump & Faiella, LLC has helped dozens of people who have seen loved ones suffer serious injury and wrongful death because of nursing home negligence. The attorneys at our firm meet with prospective clients at no charge, and take cases on contingency, meaning that our clients never pay us any attorneys’ fees unless they win a settlement or jury verdict.

Our Columbia injury attorneys have the experience to handle any type of injury or accident, including:

  • bed sores (a.k.a. pressure sores or decubitus ulcers)
  • misuse of drugs
  • falls
  • burns
  • failure to monitor
  • physical abuse

In our law firm’s 74-year history, we have been witness to some terrible injuries caused by nursing home abuse. Our lawyers represented the family of one man whose bed sores became so severe that they resulted in his death. We represented another family whose family member died of a bowel infection because the nursing home staff did not monitor his bowel movements. (Read more about these and other cases on our Significant Cases page.)

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Those of us at Gump & Faiella, LLC firmly believe that every client deserves close, compassionate attention by an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. We do not take many cases because we believe it is important to give our full energies to each one. If you hire Gump & Faiella, LLC, you will have an entire team of attorneys and experienced paralegals fighting for you and giving your concerns the attention they deserve.

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FAQ: Nursing Home Abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse – also known as nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect – is the abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an elderly person. There are three types of elder abuse:

  • Domestic abuse – the abuse of the elderly by a member of his or her family.
  • Institutional abuse – the abuse of the elderly by the staff of a nursing home facility.
  • Self-neglect – behavior on the part of an older person that places his or her health and safety at risk.

Reporting Elder Abuse

There are several groups of people that by law must report elder abuse to the proper authorities:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Adult Protective Services employees
  • Health care provider
  • Dependent care custodians – this includes nursing home employees and hospice care employees.