Business Insurance Claims

Business owners are familiar with being involved in negotiations for contracts and other complex matters. However, when it comes to a loss under their business policy, they are often at a disadvantage, due to the complex nature of insurance contracts and unfamiliarity with the claim process. Our law firm represents business policyholders in insurance claims disputes with their insurers.

When your business has been damaged, you may need to make a claim on the business income loss portion of your policy. Perhaps you had a commercial property loss, or perhaps you’ve been sued and your insurer has failed to fully protect you, despite your payments to the insurance company for the premiums and protection that they promised.

Types of Commercial Insurance

There are two basic types of business, or commercial, insurance: property and liability. Property insurance covers tangible objects owned by the business, such as merchandise, vehicles, buildings, and furniture. Liability insurance provides coverage for the business itself. This includes covering the business if it is sued for malpractice, injuries on the property, and contract issues. Both types of coverage are important to keep businesses operating.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes put profits over people, and fail to fully protect their insureds. This leaves the businesses on their own, attempting to recover their losses without the financial security they have paid premiums for. If your insurance company wrongfully denied your business insurance claim, it is vital to your business that you contact an experienced insurance attorney.

How We Can Help

Our team of experienced Columbia lawyers knows how to properly present claims and litigate against insurance companies and support our client’s claims under the policy, including business interruption, business income loss, property loss, executives and officers coverage, and commercial liability coverage.

To insure that your business is fully protected you purchased insurance. Now that you have an important claim, you need experienced attorneys to help you with the difficulty you’re having getting your claims payed, and with insurance company practices that prevent the fair and timely payment of your claim.

What Kind of Action Should You Take?

It is important that business claims be filed promptly. If your business has been interrupted, you may be losing income and customers and experiencing unnecessary delay, which will only exacerbate the problem. If your company has been sued and the insurance company isn’t protecting you properly, you could lose significant assets, or the suit could be the end of all that you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Our lawyers have the skill and experience to help you through the difficult claim process and to battle the insurance company if they are unwilling to promptly and fairly pay the claim.

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