Property Division

The division of property has the potential to become a dramatic issue that chews up time, money, and energy. You have worked hard for your money and assets. Do not let them slip away by allying with an inferior divorce attorney who fails to zealously advocate on your behalf.

Gump & Faiella will do everything in our power to ensure that your assets remain yours. We will also lend vital support in your quest to prove your spouse’s debts are not your responsibility. We sweat all the small stuff when it comes to proving the point in time when assets and debts were acquired. We know exactly how to frame arguments to establish assets as separate property or communal property. From real estate to businesses, savings, investments, and debts, Gump & Faiella knows exactly what is necessary to prove rightful ownership.

Our legal team has a comprehensive understanding of Missouri’s unique community property scheme. If you are planning on divorcing or separating from your spouse and live in Missouri, contact Gump & Faiella right away. We will analyze your unique situation, explain the specifics of property division matters, and create an impeccable legal strategy that advances your financial interests.

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