If you have any concerns or questions regarding paternity, Gump & Faiella will provide invaluable advice. We provide in-depth assistance to prove paternity or combat allegations of paternity. Whether you believe you are not the parent of a child or are adamant that you are the legitimate parent, our legal team will help prove your case.

Perhaps you are insistent that a certain individual is or is not the mother or father of your child. Let us analyze your unique paternity situation, gather detailed evidence, and craft a convincing argument that will hold up in a court of law. Plenty of issues hang in the balance. Paternity has the potential to lead to vitally important child support or saddle an individual with hefty payments that he should not have to pay if he can prove he is not the legal parent of a child.

If you live in Missouri and are have a paternity issue, reach out to us today to describe your objectives to our legal team. We’ll study your idiosyncratic situation, explain the nuances of paternity establishment and develop a legal strategy custom tailored to your goal.

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