Legal Separation

Certain marriages benefit from legal separation rather than divorce. This divorce alternative is rapidly growing in popularity. It serves as either a bridge to a resolution that allows the relationship to continue or as a predecessor to divorce.

The family law attorneys at Gump & Faiella can explain the nuances of legal separation to you in layman’s terms to help you get an idea as to whether it is ideal for your unique situation. Legal sepa ration might benefit you, your spouse, and your children. Our attorneys will go over the formalities of legal separation, explain why it is en vogue and help you determine if it is prudent for your relationship.

In many instances, legal separation proves to be much cheaper and faster than a traditional divorce. This divorce alternative has ramifications ranging from debt accumulation to living arrangements and beyond. You need skilled attorney on your side to help you figure out if legal separation, divorce , or another route is best for your unique relationship.

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