In some instances, a parent is accused of being unfit to provide care for his or her children. Whether an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or other family member seeks guardianship of a child, legal assistance is vitally important.

If you desire guardianship of a young one or if someone in your family accuses you of being an unfit parent, the quality of the attorney in your corner will have a monumental impact on the conflict’s outcome. We can also defend against accusations of child abuse. Alternatively, Gump & Faiella can help prove that a parent is unfit to take care of his child. Everything from alleged substance abuse to time spent in jail can affect one’s credibility as a parent and the possibility of a legal guardianship.

Let us analyze your unique situation and challenge/support guardianship proceedings in a manner that best benefits the children. We are here for all Missouri residents’ guardianship matters, whether it is a post-death guardianship, guardianship challenge, or other guardianship-oriented issue.

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