Gump & Faiella’s legal team understands the many idiosyncrasies of divorce. We have helped countless people obtain divorces with as little drama and delay as possible. Lean on our legal team during this difficult period of your life and we will help you emerge fr om your broken marriage with your finances intact. We are well aware of the potential toll of divorce. It is a sensitive matter that you should not attempt to handle on your own.

Let us help you through this tumultuous period by meeting all of the legal challenges so you can focus on rebuilding your life. We’ll handle every last detail from serving your spouse with divorce papers to amassing evidence for child support, child custody, and beyond.

Gump & Faiella takes on divorces for high-asset clients as well as individuals in other socioeconomic classes. We will fight for your interests regardless of your level of accrued savings and assets. Our legal team advocates in a manner that fast-tracks the divorce and prevents as much conflict as possible. We aren’t afraid of going to court or invest ourselves in complicated and time consuming matrimonial settlement agreement negotiations.

If you are considering a divorce and live in Columbia, Moberly, or anywhere else in Missouri reach out to Gump & Faiella today.

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