Child Support

Gump & Faiella is here to help you obtain the financial support you and your youngsters need in the aftermath of a parental split. Children require food, school supplies, housing, and all sorts of other necessities that you should not have to pay for without assistance from your former significant other. Alternatively, if you are the breadwinner in your family and concerned that you will be saddled with egregiously high child support payments, we can help.

Our mission is to help establish a fair level of child support that provides each parent and child with the appropriate level of compensation. We can even help you obtain child support arrears if your ex-husband or ex-wife has not paid in full or on time. If necessary, we will seek to hold this person in contempt of court for failing to provide child support arrears. We can also defend parents against contempt. If you live in Missouri and have a child support matter, contact us to establish an initial consultation.

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