Child Custody

It is imperative that the proper parent obtains custody of children following a divorce or separation of any other variety. Let us help you in your quest to provide a loving home for your children or obtain the appropriate level of visitation rights. We understand that you love your children and should be able to see them as often as you desire. Whether you are insistent that your child should live with you or adamant that you deserve specific visitation hours, Gump & Faiella can help.

This is a highly sensitive issue that requires the assistance of a skilled legal team. Let us explain the many child custody options and arrangements and help you obtain the one that is ideal for you and your kids. It doesn’t matter if this is your first marriage, second marriage, a domestic arrangement, or a same-sex partnership. Gump & Faiella will build a case for your desired child custody arrangement and fiercely advocate on your behalf.

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