Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony is quite the contentious family law issue. You need an experienced matrimonial attorney on your side to emerge from this conflict with the support you need. Gump & Faiella is here to help divorcees obtain a fair amount of alimony. We can also help breadwinners in their quest to prevent or limit alimony payments.

The truth is that a fair alimony settlement often makes the difference between a difficult post-divorce life and one that is comfortable. Perhaps you took an extended break from your career to raise your children. Maybe you cut your education short to take care of the kids. Let us help you obtain an appropriate alimony settlement so you can proceed with a quality of life similar to what you had before your separation.

Our legal team will explain the nuances of alimony calculations and settlements so you have a good idea as to what sort of financial assistance you will receive or be required to pay. If you live in Columbia, Moberly, or anywhere else in Missouri, reach out to Gump & Faiella today to schedule an appointment so we can explain the alimony process to you in-depth.

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