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Chris did an excellent job representing us. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. He is very compassionate and has a true, genuine concern for each of his clients and their best interests. From the first initial consultation to the end of the process, Chris was with me every step of the way. He is very easy to speak with, truly listens to your questions and concerns, and takes the time to explain something if you don’t understand, so you can be fully informed. With his open line of communication, I was able to receive consistent updates, and he always responded very quickly to any questions I may have.

Chris has an unwavering work ethic and personal drive that is second to none. He thoroughly investigates and researches from every possible angle to ensure his clients the best possible outcome.

If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, genuine and compassionate attorney that will give 200% to you and your best interest- I highly and fully recommend Chris Faiella. He truly raises the bar of excellence.

– Heather C. (Google)

Chris did an excellent job representing my interests. This was my first experience with a situation such as this and Chris did a flawless job of explaining all possibilities, researching the case, preparing himself, and preparing me for my testimony. I was very apprehensive about the situation going into my initial meeting with Chris, but felt much more at ease with it immediately afterward. During the entire process Chris kept me informed of what he was doing, what his thoughts were, and how I should present myself and my testimony. Overall, an excellent job of preparing himself and me, which made me feel much more in control of the situation, enabling me to relax and concentrate on the facts of the case rather than worrying about potential pitfalls.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

I have come to know Mr. Faiella as a man of great integrity and professionalism in his practice. Mr. Faiella is a very compassionate attorney who demonstrates a thorough knowledge of his profession as well as a genuine concern for his clients and their best interests. Mr. Faiella brings an unmatched drive and energy to his cases necessary to produce the best possible outcomes for his clients. Mr. Faiella and his team are both courteous and responsive and do an excellent job of encouraging their clients through constant communication.

It has been my pleasure to have Mr. Faiella as my personal counsel. I feel Mr. Faiella possesses a strong skill set and would be an excellent choice to represent your interests. I give Mr. Faiella my highest recommendation.

– Corey (Avvo)

Chris did an excellent job for us. He was very courteous, compassionate and genuine with my wife and I in our circumstances. His staff treated us very well. Very professional, yet approachable, real people too. Chris came across as just a working dad like me, just doing his job. No “big shot lawyer” attitude. Very easy to talk to.

– Mike (Avvo)

Cassie Carpenter, an attorney under Gump & Faiella, has been a godsend over the past several years. I was in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident during my senior year of high school, and Cassie was able to walk me and my family through things, answer questions, give expert advice, etc. She worked so hard to get me my settlement – which I desperately needed by the time all was said and done. A year or so later, I was T-Boned in an intersection by a driver running a red light. Without hesitation, Cassie worked on the case and was able to help me through such a difficult time. About two years after that, I was rear-ended while waiting behind someone in a left turn lane. My car was totaled, and the exacerbation of my prior injuries was severe. Cassie tirelessly worked on that case to get me the settlement I deserved. I’ve had such an intense time since my first accident, but not once has Cassie made me feel bad about what has happened, nor has she given me any excess stress to deal with. She has reassured me, counseled me, and reaffirmed my own strength to move forward. She has proven herself to be an incredibly skilled attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf. I will be forever grateful that I’ve had someone as capable and qualified as Cassie Carpenter to have helped me through some of the most difficult experiences I’ve ever encountered.

– Azure (Google)

I have been working with Gump & Faiella for a couple of years for our company 413 Marketing Group and the experience has been great. Nothing less than professional each time. They are very knowledgeable and they make sure that you are aware of every step of the process along the way by staying in contact with you on a continuous and timely manner. I would recommend Gump & Faiella.

– Brian S. (Google)

I can’t say enough about the way Chris handled, and continues to handle our case. He goes above and beyond to deliver the best outcome possible. He is extremely knowledgable, competent and hard-working. We have been very impressed with everyone from the firm that we have had contact with, and highly recommend Chris.

– Nancy (Google)

I would highly recommend Cassie Carpenter, an attorney with Gump and Faiella. Cassie is such a personable, professional, and capable attorney. She gave expert advice after my traumatic experience of being a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle. She gave me and my family peace of mind as she proved to be only a phone call or a text away when there were questions. She kept me updated of details to the very end. In my opinion, she’s one of the best!

– Linda (Google)

Chris Faiella handled an accident case for me. He was professional, articulate and I received what he told me my case was worth. I had a very good experience with Chris and was very satisfied with the results.

– Steven P. (Google)

Great experience… Ms Carpenter was very knowledgeable and great to work with. My calls were always returned in a timely manner and she was very good at making sure I understood my case. Thank you Ms. Carpenter…

– Jake H. (Google)