Recovery from a Brain Injury How Long Does It Take?

Recovery from brain injury is different for each person. Each case just like each person will have its own unique value depending on your loss. There are dozens of factors that could influence a personal injury settlement or verdict. The severity of your injuries, the types of injuries you sustained, their cause, and the duration of your recovery could all affect the settlement calculations.

Claims involving traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) tend to result in substantial monetary awards because it can take months or even years to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), and many victims never make a full recovery. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few factors that could affect the amount of time it takes to reach MMI after suffering a brain injury.

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Let’s examine a few factors that could affect the recovery time after sustaining a brain injury:

  1. The Location of the Injury

Different parts of the brain control different physical and cognitive functions. Therefore, the precise location of the damage will determine the symptoms of the injury and the kind of rehabilitation that will be needed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

  1. The Severity of the Injury

Naturally, more severe TBIs will cause more extensive brain damage and therefore require more intensive treatment. Recovering from a concussion, which is a mild form of TBI, might take several weeks. Reaching maximum medical improvement after sustaining an anoxic brain injury, on the other hand, could take six months to a year. In some cases, injured parties continue to experience improvements in their condition several years after the initial accident.

  1. The Promptness of Treatment

Some studies indicate that people with TBIs who start treatment right away tend to have better prognoses than those who postpone medical intervention. Therefore, visiting a doctor immediately following the accident could theoretically reduce recovery time.

In addition to protecting your health, seeking prompt medical treatment could also put you in a better position to file a personal injury claim. If you delay, the insurance company might argue that your decision to put off care contributed to the severity of the injury, and you could therefore be at least partially liable for the resulting damages.

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