What Should I Look for in a Truck Accident Attorney?

Although truck accident victims have the right to pursue compensation for the damages they incur, navigating the claims process is challenging. Building a case that ultimately results in a fair payout is a lot of work, and gathering evidence while tracking losses is not something injured parties should have to worry about while recovering.

This is where a seasoned truck accident attorney can help; however, you shouldn’t work with just any lawyer because there can be a world of difference between two attorneys in regard to the caliber of representation they provide. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few qualities that indicate a personal injury attorney would be a smart hire.

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Let’s examine a few qualities to consider when seeking legal counsel:

  1. Relevant Experience 

In the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), researchers determined that driver error is the leading cause of large truck crashes. This is an incredibly broad category that includes everything from falling asleep behind the wheel to following other vehicles too closely.

Since the success of any claim hinges on proving the precise error that led to the accident, it’s essential to hire a law firm that has experience investigating truck crashes. Look for an attorney who has resolved cases involving not only motor-vehicle collisions in general but also truck wrecks in particular. Going up against a massive motor carrier is much different from suing a single, non-commercial driver and calls for a unique approach.   

  1. Successful Track Record 

The best firms have a track record of securing sizable payouts because they fight relentlessly on each client’s behalf. First, they prepare every case as if it is going to trial—even if a settlement is the expected outcome. Then, if the opposing party refuses to cooperate, they proceed to court without any unnecessary delays. And because of their resources and experience, they are not afraid to take on even the largest motor carriers and insurance providers following a catastrophic truck wreck.   

  1. Accessibility and Attentiveness 

Good truck accident lawyers might have a lot of clients at any given time, but they will make it a point to provide attentive counsel to each and every one. They will also provide a direct means of contact so injured parties do not have to go through a legal secretary every time a question, concern, or issue regarding the case arises. 

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