4 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Premises Liability Attorney

A premises liability attorney can help you recover money damages caused by the negligence of a property owner.  There are countless ways to get hurt on someone else’s property. Common issues and oversights that can result in serious injuries include:

  • Wet floors;
  • Malfunctioning elevators or escalators;
  • Loose or missing railings;
  • Uneven stairs;
  • Unmarked thresholds;
  • Falling objects;
  • Poor lighting;
  • Icy pavement;
  • Exposed electrical wiring;
  • Inadequate security; and
  • Unrestrained dogs.

Any of the above conditions can cause devastating injuries that cost a veritable fortune to treat and leave the victim sidelined from work. In these situations, the property owner may be liable for both direct and indirect losses resulting from the accident; however, the process of filing a successful claim is riddled with complex legal hurdles that can be difficult to overcome without the help of a skilled and experienced attorney.

If you were hurt on someone else’s property, contact Gump & Faiella to speak with a Missouri personal injury lawyer. We will determine if you have grounds for a claim, the types of damages you may be owed, and the most strategic way to approach your case. Call 800-264-3455 to schedule a free consultation.

Read on to learn a few ways our premises liability attorneys can assist with your case:

  1. Help You Avoid Delays & Pitfalls 

Navigating the personal injury claims process is challenging. It’s easy to make costly mistakes along the way, and one oversight could be all it takes to derail your case.

Missing important deadlines, providing a recorded statement to the insurance company, and discussing your injuries on social media are just a few common pitfalls that claimants often make when they represent themselves. The legal team at Gump & Faiella can help you avoid these crucial errors.  

  1. Level the Playing Field 

Insurance adjusters might negotiate for living, but so do our premises liability attorneys. Hiring a skilled and experienced lawyer will essentially level the playing field, so you won’t have to worry about being bullied or intimidated into accepting a settlement that is less than what you deserve. 

  1. Account for All Potentially Recoverable Damages 

Claimants who are unfamiliar with Missouri personal injury law are likely to overlook certain types of damages. A premises liability attorney who is well versed in the laws governing premises liability cases can ensure that you include all past and future economic damages as well as non-economic losses in your claim. 

  1. Litigate Your Case If Necessary 

Most personal injury cases do not reach trial; however, it is important that the opposing party knows you’re not afraid to go to court. And if they still refuse to settle, the trial attorneys at Gump & Faiella have the litigation experience to represent your interests. 

Discuss Your Case with a Premises Liability Lawyer in Missouri 

If you were hurt on a poorly maintained property, turn to Gump & Faiella for quality legal representation during every stage of the claims process. We help clients in Moberly, Columbia, and all of Missouri. Call 800-264-3455 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule a free case evaluation with a strategic personal injury attorney.

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