How to Prove Damages After a Car Accident

When you live paycheck to paycheck it is critical to know how to prove damages after suffering an injury in a car wreck.  Not a topic most people think about. Many people are more focused on their day to day lives. Often a main concern is finances and the economy in general.

A decade after the Great Recession, unemployment is down, and home values are up. Those who own stock are happy, the market is booming. But many people have not shared in this upswing in the economy.  The country appears to have recovered, but that does not mean individuals have been able to regain their financial footing.

According to CNBC, nearly 80 percent of those who work full-time live paycheck to paycheck. That means if they miss just one pay period, they will be unable to cover the essentials without taking on additional debt.

Those who miss more than one paycheck are in even more trouble. If you were hurt in a motor-vehicle collision, for example, and the injuries keep you out of work for months, it could ultimately jeopardize your financial security for years to come.

In addition to lost wages—which can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars—you might incur expenses associated with diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, transportation to and from appointments, home care, and household services like cooking, cleaning, and childcare. When you consider all the costs of sustaining unanticipated injuries, it becomes apparent why you should pursue compensation from all liable parties.

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To file a successful claim that results in compensation, you must prove you suffered damages as a direct result of the incident. Here are a few kinds of evidence that can do just that:

  1. Medical Bills Prove Damages

 Detailed medical bills will provide a starting point to prove damages. It can also serve as a starting point for calculating a fair settlement amount. They will also give some context regarding the extent of your injuries.

Save all receipts and invoices, regardless of whether you or the health insurance provider covered them. Your personal injury lawyer will need these medical bills to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. 

  1. Diagnostic Images & Photographs Prove Damages 

If you sustained any visible injuries, photograph their progression as they heal. This will help you visually prove damages. As for internal injuries, save all diagnostic images, which might include those from X-rays, MRI scans, and ultrasounds. 

  1. Journal Entries Prove Damages

It is wise to start a journal after the accident to document your recovery. The entries do not have to be very long or detailed, but they should be consistent. Try to jot down a few thoughts every day about the ways in which the injuries are affecting you or your loved ones.

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If you were hurt in a collision with a reckless driver, turn to Gump & Faiella. A personal injury attorney on our team will gather the kinds of evidence mentioned above so you can focus on recovering.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that a serious accident can have. Based in Moberly, we are proud to represent injured parties throughout all of Missouri. Call 800-264-3455 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule a free consultation with a strategic car accident lawyer.

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