3 Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Hurt in a Car Accident

If you get hurt in a car accident, the financial repercussions could be devastating. Depending on the severity of any injuries, you might have to miss several weeks—or months—of work. Even if you have adequate health insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket costs for medical care can add up quickly.

According to National Public Radio, more than 25 percent of American adults say healthcare expenses have threatened their financial security. Unfortunately for car accident victims, medical expenses make up a mere fraction of the losses they will likely incur in the wake of the wreck.

By filing a successful personal injury claim against all responsible parties, though, accident victims may be able to recover compensation for their damages. The process of gathering evidence and building a strong claim starts at the crash scene.

Injured parties who leave the area without photographing the wreckage have already committed a crucial mistake that could jeopardize their claim. Other mistakes to avoid following a collision include admitting fault, postponing medical care, and providing the insurance adjuster with a recorded statement.

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Let’s explore a few common mistakes to avoid after getting hurt in a car accident:

  1. Apologizing or Admitting Fault 

Apologizing to other injured parties at the scene is a natural reaction, but doing so can be interpreted as an admission of fault. Avoid assigning blame or apologizing to anyone involved in the collision, and let your car accident attorney determine fault later based on the facts of the case. 

  1. Postponing Medical Treatment 

There may be a lot to do following a crash, but your health should be the main priority. If you do not visit a doctor shortly after the incident, life-threatening complications could arise. Seeking immediate medical care will also begin the paper trail to prove your damages. 

  1. Making a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Adjuster 

Until you retain the services of an attorney, the insurance adjuster will try to speak with you directly about the case. He or she will likely seem sympathetic and understanding, but you should be wary of cooperating. Providing a recorded statement early in the proceedings could ultimately jeopardize your case if you say anything that can be used to dispute liability or damages.

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