5 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Attorney During the Initial Consultation

Car accident victims are emotionally vulnerable and often in a financially precarious position. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals and organizations who take advantage of this fact and attempt to profit off their desperation.

For example, some car accident personal injury law firms focus solely on the quantity of their caseload as opposed to the quality of the representation they provide. They secure a lot of business by offering a seemingly attractive fee structure but fail to give each case the attention it deserves.  Likewise, insurance adjusters know accident victims are motivated to settle quickly so they can receive the funds needed to continue providing for their loved ones. This gives insurance companies a considerable amount of leverage during negotiations.

Because injured parties are so vulnerable to manipulation during the claims process, it is wise for them to hire a seasoned legal ally who will protect their best interests every step of the way. Finding a reputable car accident attorney can be challenging, but by asking the right questions during the initial consultation, you can determine if the relationship will be a good fit.

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Let’s review a few questions worth asking during your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Have you resolved cases that are similar to mine?

 Personal injury law is a broad practice area, and it is not uncommon for a firm to focus on just a few kinds of tort claims. To ensure your attorney has the knowledge and experience needed to secure a favorable outcome for your case, ask about the kinds of accident claims he or she usually resolves. Most personal injury cases arise from auto wrecks, but compiling a strong claim following a drunk driving collision calls for a different skill set than building a case after a pedestrian accident. 

  1. How much is my case worth? 

A reputable lawyer will never promise to achieve a particular outcome for a client because legal proceedings are unpredictable; however, a seasoned attorney should be able to provide a rough estimate of potential damages based on past experience and the facts of the case. 

  1. What is your fee structure? 

An attorney who practices with honesty and integrity will be open about the fee structure. Look for a firm that is transparent about its costs and does not promise to resolve your case for a low flat rate. 

  1. How can I contact you if I have questions? 

You deserve to work with a lawyer who will answer your questions directly and in a timely manner. Do not hire an attorney who expects you to leave a message with his or her secretary when issues arise. 

  1. How can I contribute to the case? 

Your attorney should be able to handle the logistics of the case so you can focus on recovering; however, he or she may need your help along the way. Make sure the lawyer you hire has reasonable expectations of your involvement and will handle most of the work for you. 

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