Snaps, Texts and Distracted Driving

Alert Today-Alive Tomorrow

Distracted driving (snaps or texts) can get you killed. Driving while focusing on a message or video divides your attention. Driving a car or truck requires focus. Distracted driving causes more accidents than drunk driving. You are risking not only your life but the lives other people on the road and in your vehicle. The injury attorneys at Gump & Faiella urge you to put your phone down. Arive alive. We have seen too many cases of young people hurt or killed. Stop!

Watch this informative video.

The Danger Is Real

Drivers ages 19 to 24 are nearly twice as likley as all drivers to have typed or sent a message while driving. Driving research from the National Safety Counsel shows that 20% of drivers age 18 to 20 thought their driving was unaffected. They are wrong. Distracted driving kills. Each year thousand of people are killed each year and there are hundreds of thousands of crashes each year because of distracted driving.

So fathers, mothers, children and spouses lost their lives because of a message. It is time to stop, and focus on driving safety.

Parents What Can You Do?

Set Rules for Your Child– Tell your child to turn off their phone and them down while driving. If they won’t do this consider taking the phone away or using apps that restrict texting while diriving.

Set a Good Example– Don’t text, or use social media while you drive. If you have to use a phone only use it for voice calls with a handsfree device, or even better pull over and stop your vehicle before using the phone.

Inform your Child– Teens and young adults have to be told about the danager, and then told again till they get the message. Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Help Save Lifes Don’t Text & Drive

The lawyers at Gump & Faiella, assit people everyday who have suffered serious injuries and of the loss of a loved one from car accidents. We have seen first hand the results of distracted driving. Please stop. If not for your own sake than for everyone elses.

Distracted driving and Crashes

Follow this link to see video of distracted teen drivers and crash related video. Ther are no graphic injuries, but it shows how distraction causes crashes.

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