5 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

For many Columbia residents, their cars are used to help them travel to and from work, pick up the children, get to the grocery store and take fun road trips. While cars can be convenient, they can also be dangerous. In fact, you are statistically more likely to get into a car accident than a plane crash. Ever year thousands of people die or are severely injured in car accidents that could have been prevented. In this blog, our Columbia car accident attorney provides five tips for avoiding car accidents.

  • Don’t Tailgate: Your car requires much more distance than you think to come to full and complete stop from highway and street speeds. In fact, the faster you are traveling the further distance is needed for your car to stop once the brakes have been applied. Stay safe on the road, don’t tailgate other drivers.
  • Check Your Blind Spots: If you are thinking of changing lanes, make sure you check your blind spots before drifting over to the left or right lanes. It can be difficult to be aware of a car you cannot see. Avoid a side swiping accident, make sure no one is in your blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Use Your Turn Signals: If you do not use your turn signals to indicate your intentions to change lanes, other drivers will not be aware of your plan to change lanes. Your blinkers are vital for communicating to other drivers, by utilizing them, they are able to let you pass.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Everyone knows drinking and driving is against the law, but they are unaware of the dangers it can pose to themselves and other drivers on the road. According to the CDC, 9,967 people were killed in 2014 by drunk drivers. If you plan on drinking, plan a ride home through a rideshare app, friend or cabbie service.
  • Don’t Text and Drive: In addition to drunk driving, distracted driving is another negligent driving habit many people have that is responsible for injuring and killing thousands of people annually. Don’t get distracted while driving, turn your phone on silent or do not disturb.

If you were injured in a car accident, contact the Columbia car accident attorneys at Gump & Faiella.

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