Inattentive Driver Causes Injury Accident on I-70 in Boone County

elisha Anderson, 35, of Columbia, MO was transported to University Hospital by ambulance for treatment to minor injuries she sustained while operating a Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) truck on Monday. The accident occured at 7:45PM on October 18th, when
according to the report, of Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop F, when a 2003 Chevrolet that was driven by Roy Coyle, 41, of Boonville, was headed westbound on I- 70 at Route BB. Coyle drove past three different sets of signs that indicated the left lane was closed a distance ahead, which encompassed 8/10ths of a mile before he struck the parked MODOT arrow truck with a flashing arrow in the left lane.

Coyle and two occupants, Christina Kelley, 28, and Haven Kelley, 2, both of Boonville, Mo were transported to University Hospital by ambulance for treatment to minor injuries as well. The accident was investigated by Trooper G. Grundy.

One of the leading reasons for car crashes is driver inattention. When operating a vehicle, it is very important to keep your focus on the roadway and the traffic around you. MODOT says driving safely through road construction zones is as easy as remembering the three “S’s” of work zone safety.

1. Manage your speed: Slow down when approaching a work zone and don’t resume normal speed until you see a sign posted that you’ve exited the work zone.

2. Manage your space: Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front of you and don’t irritate a driver behind you who is “tailgating” or following you too closely by slamming on your brakes. This could lead to road rage and a greater chance of a collision.

3. Manage your stress: Avoid cell phone or radio distractions in work zones. Keep your cool while you wait. A work zone now means a better, safer roadway later.

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