Single Car Accident

Single car accidents involve one driver and one vehicle. For example the Missouri Highway Patrol reported the following single car accident. Tagger Kellum, 16, of El Dorado Springs, MO was driving a 1985 Toyota Pickup on September 14th.  He was involved in a crash at 9:04PM. The accident occured on County Road 201, 2 miles south of El Dorado Springs. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop D, the accident occured as the vehicle ran off the roadway at an intersection and struck a ditch.

Kellum had two occupants, Dustin Hall, 15, and Michael Christensen, 15, both of El Dorado Springs, MO. All sustained moderate injuries. Kellum was transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Christensen and Hall were both transported to Cedar County Memorial Hospital in El Dorado Springs, MO. The crash was investigated by Trooper Brad Crockett.

Single Car Accident Claims

If a single car accident is due to the fault of the driver the occupants may bring a claim for compensation for their injuries against the driver. In addition the the liability insurance of the driver, the occupants might also recover damages from an underinsured motorist policy. If the driver of the vehicle was not insured then they can recover from any available uninsured motorist coverage they may have.

If the single car accident was due to a defect in the road the driver and occupants may pursue claims for compensation against the governmental entity responsible for the road defect. If a defect in the car caused the wreck then there may be a cause of action for product liability against the manufacturer. If there is a problem with maintenance, then the injured occupants may have a claim against the person or business who performed the service on the vehicle. Often crashes can have multiple causes such as driver error and a maintenance issue which may contribute to the cause. In these types of single car accidents their may be multiple claims. Their may be multiple insurance companies involved. These matters can become complex quickly. Injured people need a lawyer with the experience to help them with these complex claims.

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