Lane Change Accident

Lane change accidents happen every day in Missouri. For example, Victoria Fritchey, 19 and Aleksa Baker, 3, of Dixon, MO sustained minor injuries in an accident that occured on I- 44 westbound at mile marker 180.2 on September 8th at 5:48PM. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop the accident happened as a tractor trailer driven by an unidentifiable man. The unidentified tractor was changing lanes and struck a 2000 Freightliner driven by Joseph Ragan, of Pecan Gap, TX in the side. That caused Ragan to swerve into the path of Fritchey who was driving a 2006 Pontiac G6. Fritchey then ran off the side of the road, overcorrected, and struck Ragan in the rear.

Fritchey and Baker were both transported to Phelps County Hospital. The accident was investigated by Trooper Goodson and assisted by Sergeant Dubois, Corporal Keathley, and CVE Noble. The reckless driving of the unidentified driver caused this lane change accident.

A lane change accident is common and can occur for a variety of reasons. The driver at fault may or may not be involved in the crash. If the driver causing the wreck is not involved in the crash they often leave the scene. A driver leaving the scene may never be identified. In such cases you may make a phantom vehicle claim under your uninsured motorist policies.  If the at fault driver is involved in the crash or is identified then the claim is against the at fault party and their insurer.

Often a lane change accident is caused by simply misjudging the space available to switch or enter a lane of travel. Merging onto a highway or other roadway without looking pr yielding are other common causes.

Who is at Fault?

In general, a driver who changes lanes or merges with moving traffic and collides with another vehicle is violating the law and is the party at fault. If there is no contact, then fault may be established if the crash was caused as a result of another vehicle having to take emergency evasive action to avoid contact and a crash occurs.

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